Compiling Data Is Hard!

So we’re working hard to get more data but it is hard! 

With the first batch of data we set up a good cataloging system and database for data submission, but the issue we are running into is the format of other data, and the lack of automation in institutional logging systems. This is something Tim and I are surprised, by... We are convinced that somewhere, somehow, there is a button to download all data in the same single spreadsheet on one form. 

But for now we are going manually in partnership with NEU. 

So no new data for now, especially cause water temperatures are continuing to drop with a day hitting -20c on the surface last week! Brrrrr — I’m hoping to have some better info soon to keep this thing going! 


An exhausted mark going through a loooong spreadsheet on his iPad. 

An exhausted mark going through a loooong spreadsheet on his iPad. 


So here is a quick update!

We got a bunch of data out of our partnership with NEU and it took a little while to mine out the relevant temperature data for just our Canoe Beach Station, but the first small batch of data is mined and has been sent to be put in the Project Baseline database to be made public.

Its a small win as we have thousands of dives to continue to look through and find relevant data in, but it feels good to already have data available to the public.

As far as the data project team goes, Tim spent the last week in Belize diving beautiful reefs, and I spent the last week in Florida catching up with our friends at GUE and doing some cave diving.

Looking forward to continuing to make data more accessible in the new year!

Our first data dive!

So excited to get started on our first data collection dive, Tim and I (Mark), headed out on a cold Saturday afternoon to Nahant. I had a dive class in the morning up in Rockport, so I drove down already wearing my drysuit.

Tim and I met up and started to get ready. Both excited to finally get in the water for a brief moment we forgot how cold it was. Surface temperature was around 9 degrees and water temperature was recorded at 8 degrees Celsius though we had conflicting computers and decided 8.5 was a solid number. Given that Tim was diving wet I leant him a wetsuit heater I had from before I got a full heated vest for my drysuit and we were set. After doing our pre-dive checklists (and Tim fumbling around with his camera for a bit). We hopped into the frigid water.

Swimming out to the station, a well known rock formation known as chimney, we had a chat about different kicking methods and just general laughs dive buddies come up with while swimming a few hundred feet in 8 degree water. Upon arriving there. It was dive. Our first data dive was about to commence:

I deflated the bc on my rebreather, Tim did the same on his single tank bc, and we submerged. The target was extreme depth of 3.3 meters, but only half a meter in barely having my entire body submerged there was a slight problem… NO VISIBILITY. Sinking down the two meters I turned on my light and waved it at Tim. We looked at each other (though Tim mentioned later that he was just looking in my general direction and my light was a bit too bright!) and decided that any dive was a fun dive. I heard him turn on his heat system and we just enjoyed the limited visibility… Realistically it was about 5-10 feet, I could see Tim’s camera from about a foot behind his fin tip and that was about it. We knew we were in the right place but didn't find the base of the rock so we took water temperature there and gauged visibility. Mission completed!

After another 10 minutes of swimming around in the cold water, Tim gave us the thumbs up that he was cold and we headed up to the surface. After a cold but very excited break down of our gear outside, we were set and headed straight to Tides for some post dive oysters.

Though it was a very short dive. I couldn't had been happier just getting in the water and getting our first piece of data! Now for the hard work of inputting it into our database and starting to consolidate other databases!

Anyways I hope you enjoyed our first post! Looking forward to keeping you updated on all our other activity!